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Composition and Applications:
The product is formulated using hydroxyacrylic resin, pigments, auxiliary agents and solvent. The imported aliphatic isocyanate serves as the hardener. It is supplied with specific primer and thinner. The product can be used for the coating of metal products, wooden products and plastic products, such as automobiles, trains, airplanes, machine tools, instruments and furniture.
Dual component; air dried or dried through low temperature baking. The resultant coating is shiny, plush, high in hardness, resistant to weather and erosion, and outstanding in color and luster retention.
Reference Usage:
1. The surface to be coated should be cleared off oil stains, rust stains or other types of stains.

2. Evenly mix the main agent. Add hardener in proportion. Dilute to 16-26s using the supplied thinner. Stay static for 20min. Spray after filtration. The working fluid should be used in 4-8 hours to avoid waste.

3. The coating will air dry in 24h, or can be dried by baking at 60-80 °C for 20-30min.
Storage Life:
The storage life is 12 months (6 months for glittery pearlescent paints). Beyond that, if the product passes inspection, it can still be used.
YW-BS01XX Acrylic acid-polyurethane varnish
Used in the finish of Acrylic acid paints and polyurethane paint
YW-BS04XX Acrylic acid-polyurethane paint
Used in the top coating or one-off hull painting of metals and various plastics except PE,PP,PA
YW-BS06XX Acrylic acid-polyurethane paint base
Used in the primer coating of metals and various plastics except PE, PP
YW-BS0138 Acrylic acid-polyurethane elastic paint
Used in the soft hull painting of various primer coated plastics
YW-BST Coating Adjustment Fluid
Used in the modification of various paints.

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